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CCS Construction Equipment 2019

The Beginning...

28 years ago in 1990 I started selling industrial and construction machinery in Toledo Ohio.  I was very fortunate to have excellent guidance and mentoring from a number of very successful professionals in the industry.  These mentors shared their experience and values that included honesty, integrity, dependability, and a good dose of hard work.  That is what has guided my work for the last three decades.  

The Path

From Toledo to Baltimore to NY City to Charlotte, the work has always been about meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers, outworking the competition, and providing excellent solutions.  No shortcuts, just listening and learning every day.  


CCS is the culmination of experience, a focus on great customer service, and a partnership with the best brands  and people in the business.  We are excited to bring this to the builders and constructors of Charlotte and Help Build Carolina.  

Thank you for visiting and for considering CCS for your Construction Equipment Needs.

All the Best

Tom Curry

Helping Build Carolina...

People First


We are committed to sustaining a "Human Business" where we stay connected to our customers and our people, and work to be the best employer and supplier we can.

Customer Focused


"When I think about great service, it’s about how we can take every interaction we have with the customer and use it as an opportunity to strengthen their business and improve their perception of our company”

Tom Curry, President CCS LLC 

Comprehensive Products


We have brought together a World Class Lineup of Premium Construction Equipment and Supplies.  We are very proud of our brands and the strong partnerships we have established.